Friday, January 25, 2008

John Bancroft

John Bancroft, who was one of my 14th Great Grandfathers, died January 24, 1557 in Chellaston, Derbyshire, England. I find that knowing that is incredible! Wow -- 14 generations back!

I have my Uncle Don to thank for this piece of information. He has been kind enough to share his extensive genealogical research with me. I am greatly appreciative. I do not at this point in time have the time to do much research myself and have gathered the information I do have through the kindness of many close and many distant relatives who have been kind enough to share what they know.

My database and website go back only one generation farther to an amazing 15 generations! So what line in my genealogy leads to John Bancroft? I had to look of course. John Bancroft is at the first of the line that ends up with my paternal Grandfather Park, through his mother's ancestors. Fascinating stuff indeed~

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