Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mary Ann Murphy

October 4th, 1870 is the date Mary Ann Murphy was born. She was one of the nine children of my Great Great Great Grandparents, Asa Harrison Murphy and Margaret Jane Turner Murphy. Five of their children died in childhood. Mary Ann was one day short of her second birthday when she died on October 3rd 1872.

Mary Ann's older brother James Merrit Murphy died in 1861 at the age of one year and nineteen days. Her brother Spencer Turner Murphy died on February 22, 1961 on his first birthday. Mary Ann's brother George D. Murphy died on November 5, 1873 at the age of two years and 9 months, and Mary Ann's sister Clara B. Murphy died on August 10, 1877 at the age of three. All the children were born and died in Wapella, Dewitt County Illinois.

Asa and Margaret moved to Barnard in Lincoln County Kansas in 1880. He died in November 1920 and Margaret died in September 1922. Their remaining four children lived to adulthood.

Here is a time line. Asa and Margaret had two children who lived to adulthood William Riley and Nancy Ellen, then lost James and Spencer, had Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Manford, who lived to adulthood, followed by Mary Ann, George and Clara all who died.

My grandmother Helen, who was born in 1914 remembers the surviving family members. Asa and Margaret's daughter Nancy Ellen was my grandmother's grandmother.

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