Monday, January 5, 2009

Audrey Avis Patton

Today marks the birth of Audrey Avis Patton. Audrey Avis was born January 5, 1924. She was the third child of James Elvas Patton and Elizabeth Neola Shannon Patton, who were Larry's Grandparents. Sadly Audrey lived just a month and four days before she died. Her parents also lost a stillborn daughter two years before Audrey's birth. They had an older daughter, Yvonne Maree who was four at the time.

Following Audrey James and Elizabeth had Jerry in 1926, Joann in 1928, Jean in 1930, Keith in 1932, Lucky in 1934 and Rex in 1936. Yvonne, Joann, Jean and Rex are still living. Jerry and Keith both died in 1989, and Lucky died in 1996.

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