Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ada W, Park

Ada Park was my Great Great Aunt. She died today, February 1 in 1967. She is buried at the Olive Branch Cemetery at White Cloud, Kansas. Ada was the sister of my Great Great Grandfather, Frances Edward "Ed" Park.

Ada was born December 23, 1884 at McDonough County, Illinois to Frances Marion Park and Margaret Elizabeth Crane. Her siblings were Frances Edward, born July 31, 1876, Stella Margaret, born March 15, 1878, Lawrence Asa, born January 30, 1880, Alex Eton, born April 5, 1886, William Thornton, born July 18, 1869, and Canzada Frances, born July 18, 1889.

Ada married Peter Taylor on February 12, 1902. After a honeymoon they returned to their farm south of White Cloud, Kansas. Peter was well known as a breeder of fine stock.

Ada and Peter had six children. Orville Thornton was born February 7, 1903. Frederick Elton was born June 14, 1905. Herman "Mike" Lester was born August 6, 1909. Leo Raymond was born August 26, 1913. Ralph Wesley was born December 28, 1915. Bernice Vivian was born June 20, 1918.

I was fortunate to have met Mike before he died and am acquainted with his children Keith, Gladys and Ron.

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