Friday, March 6, 2009

Matilda Sines

My Great, Great Grandmother Matilda Sines died March 6, 1882. She was 26 years old. She was born March 2, 1856 at Antwerp, Ohio and died at the same location. Matilda died of Tuberculosis.

Matilda died when my Great Grandmother Samantha Ellen Sines Hawkins was two years old. Matilda went by Mattie. After Mattie died her sister, Samantha Jane Sines Bell and her husband Lavirus Addison Bell raised Samantha Ellen who was called "little Mattie".

Matilda and her husband William Hawkins were married in 1873 at Antwerp, Ohio. They also had a son, John, born in 1874. I have no record of what happened to John.

Samantha and Lavirus lived in Ohio then moved to Missouri in 1883. They lived there until Oct. 1, 1886 when they moved to Western Kansas. They moved to White Cloud, Kansas April 7, 1892. Their niece, Samantha Ellen came with them. Samantha married my Great Grandfather Francis Edward "Ed" Park on December 23, 1896 at White Cloud. My father and uncle remember "Grandma Bell".

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